Earth’s Children

Earth’s Children*

*Collaboration with Carol from WritersDream9

A collaboration with Carol from WritersDream9

If you love haiku, haiga, tanka and flash fiction–you should visit her site. She writes with amazing clarity, depth and spirituality. This time we chose to do a double etheree. Enjoy!


Pollution lies so heavy on the earth
The clouds of excess hang low and dark
Block out the stars that shine above
Creating an imbalance
Street lights can’t compensate
Our children are sick
Of love
Clean water
Breathable air
Food that’s not tainted
Animals to learn from
Clear skies to stargaze at night
Tall healthy trees to climb and play
Quiet streets to hear ancestor’s speak
Feeling ancient wisdom within their hearts

~ ~ ~

Image credit: Pixabay

This poem is copyrighted by Melinda Kucsera and Carol Campbell. No unauthorized use of this poem is permitted.

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    1. no I am not… sometime I feel I don’t own my words and most of the times they are not good enough to wish for the ownership … 😀 I would in fact feel honored if someone decides to use my words as his/her own… destiny has already written my name in water, so as long as the idea spreads, I am content.

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