Road to Recovery

*Road to Recovery

*A collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote

We attempted the ninefold poem and survived the experience! Thank you Annie for taking that poetic journey with me!

It has nine syllable per line, three lines per stanza, three stanzas per poem. The first stanza represents an aspect of the body; the second stanza an the aspect of mind; the third stanza an aspect of the spirit. It made me miss my sonnets. They aren’t as tough.

*Road to Recovery

O.D. on poetry–my brain burns
my eyes, worn out from the syllables
ideas spike through my veins, make them throb

these thoughts, tangled, must be unravelled
‘fore they ravage what’s left of my mind
traces of rhyming words in my head

dead poets’ voices rage within me
haunted old ghosts demanding release
ink bars to hold them, free my spirit

~ ~ ~

25 thoughts on “Road to Recovery

    1. You seem “up” for any challenge, and I admire that. Though I’m really looking forward to NaPoWriMo in April, I’m not sure I’ll have sufficient energy to tackle the harder/time consuming form challenges that the hostess will offer. Still, I love the poem-a-day aspect of the April “do”–and I may incorporated just the “A to Z” part that suggests each day our poem title should begin with a specific alphabet letter…we’ll see how things go 🙂

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