Pathogenic Poetry

*Pathogenic Poetry

*A collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote

Thank you Annie for teaching me a new form, a Nove Otto. It is a nine-lined poem with 8 syllables per line. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aacbbcddc. Since that wasn’t enough of a challenge, we did a second Nove Otto and reversed the rhyme scheme.
‘Cause we’re cool like that. 😉

Pathogenic Poetry

It’s contagious that poetry
Like virus, taking over me
Its bite is quite Insidious
Taking root deep inside the heart
Send pathogens to pick apart
Those little darn things, devious
Make me grab pens and start scribbling
Create something out of nothing
Words that must be impervious!
Strings of words, though less murderous
Yet I arrange those bloody things
Like specks of dust, of how they cling
Those damned things are imperious!
Giving me fevers, off the chart!
As their armies tear me apart!
Damn virus! I’m delirious!
My pen races to complete thee
so contagious, that poetry

~ ~ ~

28 thoughts on “Pathogenic Poetry

      1. 😀 Remember when we talked about rules some time ago? I’m a stickler for them. (That’s why I am in this line of business I am in now) You’d said you’d keep looking for a loophole to break or go around them and I’d said I’d be the one keeping you (us) on track. Well, there you go 🙂 🙂

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