Calm: Emotional ABCs

ABCs of Emotion: Calm

Still water runs deep
an ocean with no ripples
fish swim without care

No storm darkens sky
winds lie still and let all bide
rest in the quiet

Cellphone screen displays no voice mails or calls
set it down, lift cup and sip tea, ankles
crossed where I sit, revel in quiet’s thrall.
Nothing pressing to do, no tasks rankle
because there’s none left undone from days’ passed.
All’s in its place or near enough to stay
where its laid as I relax at long last.
No thoughts chatter, imagination’s play
lies suspended for the day, while I sit
in peace spreading around me, all is calm.
All is light falling soft through windows slit
to let breezes stir curtains with aplomb.
Life flows on, without ripple, gliding by
as I let all bide, like clouds in the sky.

Float on restful tide
buoyed within and without
by peace and quiet

No storm clouds ruffle
the sky, no winds rustle leaves
all is still and calm.

~ ~ ~

Image Credit: Pixabay

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