Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

My ‘lil soldier boy
war-broken, sing now of peace
pray for those who fell.

Speak for the silent
tell of the woe war causes
don’t keep silent now

Tears unshed don’t dry
I see them in your brown eyes
lay down your pain, rest.

Ease your mom’s fears
your heavy heart burdens me
your tears I would dry.

My ‘lil soldier boy
flag-draped you lie six feet deep
your body came home

Your soul still flies there
half-mast, black, on crooked pole
My ‘lil soldier boy.

Squadrons of angels
bear you from the battle field
to heaven’s bright gates

My ‘lil soldier boy
you march in formation now
through pearled gates thrown wide

Lay down your guns, hun
your warring days are all done
no more insurgents

They’ve gone to their rest
gathered into Allah’s arms
their warring days done

Time’s come for judging
sifting the right from the wrong
the final tally

Stand with your back straight,
your shoulders squared, my dear son
your mom sends prayers

Prayers from mom’s lips
fly on dove’s wings heaven bound
to land in God’s ears

Don’t you worry boy,
momma’s got your back, always,
my ‘lil soldier boy.

~ ~ ~

For all the mothers out there who lost their ‘lil soldier boy to war.

~ ~ ~
Sorry to disappoint you, fair reader, but I have no children of my own–yet. This poem wrote itself at the end of Piano Man but I decided to publish it separately.

~ ~ ~

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