Love: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

The Seven Virtues of Senryu:


 I am taking on the seven cardinal virtues in a senryu rumble. I couldn’t reach my blogging partner in  crime, so I’m going it alone. Wish me luck! Salvation, here I come! You better be ready to greet me at journey’s end.

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Arms that wrap around
Make a shelter for hurt hearts
Heal in peace long kept

Water soothes the hurts
Floats boats where troubled hearts rest
buoys of kindness

Friends offer support
Stone pillars that hold you
Shore up your structure

Kind acts smoother fire
Prevent all all from burning down
Keep lives from ruin

Smiles tug like wind
Rip frowns apart, reveal joy
That shines like the sun

~ ~ ~

Image credit: collage of Pixabay images + some photo manipulation by me (Melinda).

18 thoughts on “Love: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

    1. And I believe there’s a subtle difference between being a ‘recluse’ and ‘isolation’: I live a fairly reclusive lifestyle, but I don’t feel isolated–I have a whole world of wonderful poet-pals just a click away!

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  1. Lovely cascade, Melinda, you did real good!! that last stanza put a smile on my face, ripping frowns apart..indeed, the sun can do that too or a smiling face glows like a sun.((((applause))))

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