Ride the Sun

Ride the Sun

Fireball in flight
chariot pulled by lions
riding high in sky

Lions beat their wings
they’re no hallucination
they’re chimera-bred

Gold armor clad him
molten where plates overlapped
the sun’s warrior

Champion of light
searching for armies of night
sword and lance ready

Land’s patchwork quilt slides
ruched where mountains interrupt
rivers snake and shine

Land dips, shaded vales
nooks in nature’s tablecloth
where evil can hide

Watch the different stars
hidden in sun’s direct light
visible to him

Watch for gateways made
in galaxy’s mosaic
amid dark matter

Await their coming
they’re vinyl and passionless
relics of the past

these newcomers from dead worlds
vanish if not caught

Leave their carcasses
to warn other space farers
this world is not yours

Mistakes cast shadows
leave scars on worlds that don’t heal
ruins of lives lost

Fly by a crash site
Broken ships disintegrate
still some traces left

Park the chariot
gold cloak billows as he walks
palm to cold plastic

Ancient words deny
no access for this lost soul
memories scald him

Not god-born golden
but star-fallen out of time
truth’s opia hurts

Who’s he to deny
safe harbor to new fallen
those earth ejected?

Sun kissed warrior
blessed by nature and new life
raised to light a path

Blaze until night comes
burn out the competition
not gods made but men

No quarter given
his pantheon must survive
aliens must die

~ ~ ~

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie “Wordle #103” & “Strength and Chariot” Writing Prompt for March 27.

26 thoughts on “Ride the Sun

  1. Loved this and the referances again to Greek mythology – Helios or Apollo? But he is fighting newcomers, aliens who would hurt the earth and man. Love your creativity and your way of describing things. You really put feeling into your story telling. Excellent Melinda!


  2. thanks so much for sharing your response to the prompt Melinda πŸ™‚

    I noticed you’ve also incorporated some of the wordle words too – well done.

    This is certainly an interesting interpretation of the prompt – and the cards …. it’s a wonderful combination of myth and fantasy, dosed with slivers of real life human experiences and emotions. You’ve combined it all to great effect.

    Well done πŸ™‚

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