The Ninth’s Eagle

The Ninth’s Eagle

To glory we’re drawn
for the friend beside we fight
hold our pikes up high

March miles in plate
scarlet cloaks and banners fly
like the Ninth’s eagle.

Past Hadrian’s Wall
Make war on fisherman Picts
Emperor’s orders.

History lost us
in Britania’s darkness
wrote off our legion

In later roll calls
Legio IX Hispana
gone without a trace

our eagle taken
our legion shattered by loss
spirit unshaken

Our duty not shirked
we still fight for each other
in land gone berserk

Guerilla warfare
whittled down our offensive
left us on defense

Some of us escaped
new evidence places us
at Nijmegen Fort.

~ ~ ~

Blame Italian roots
Romans fight wars in my brain
Hist’ry fascinates.

11 thoughts on “The Ninth’s Eagle

  1. Agreed history is fascinating and what actually happened to that legion is an interesting mystery in Roman history/legend. Great Poem.

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    1. I guess it’s hard to know that far back, depends on who is keeping track if someone was, and if they were writing the truth or trying to make the event appear in a certain light for particular reasons of politics etc…


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