Charity: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

The Seven Virtues of Senryu:


 I am taking on the seven cardinal virtues in a senryu rumble. I couldn’t reach my blogging partner in  crime, so I’m going it alone. Wish me luck! Salvation, here I come! You better be ready to greet me at journey’s end.

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Open hand extend
Ask for nothing in return
Give with all your heart

Nourish the hungry
Go break the bread of plenty
Give more than the crumbs

Raise timbered houses
Homes for the homeless to live
Sleep in safety found

Filter the water
Make it drinkable and safe
Quench the children’s thirst

Throw open the doors
Lay out books, pencils, blackboards
Teach the unlettered

Pick up the syringes
Recycle the bottles left
Trash the litter, clear?

Hold the broken hearts
Listen to the sad stories
Counsel those in need

Care for our elders
Shelter them, ease their last years
Let their light shine on

~ ~ ~

43 thoughts on “Charity: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

    1. I receive great satisfaction and joy in giving from what I have–gotta remember the widow’s 2 “mites”: it’s not the amount given, but the heart of the giver which matters 🙂

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  1. Another wonderful poem. And the poem really encompasses all and more that charity is. It’s very wise. I hope many people read it and think on it, it is so easy to give even just a tiny bit back.


  2. You really are doing an excellent job with these my friend! You have captured the essence of the virtue perfectly! I am loving them! 🙂

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  3. Oh. Another beuatiful interpretation of a virtue.
    The ‘give more than the crumb’ hit me the hardest. I have an aunt who’s really rich. Like she own three cars a a 10million worth of house. While her parents, my grannies live in an old home without enought budget for food and bills. She never give them unless they asked for it. And she give only crumbs. It’s annoying and saddening.

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