Threads of Grace

Threads of Grace

(& Other Senryu)

Threads of grace descend
golden they lace purple clouds
offer heaven’s hands

Wonder clears the soul
Pushes out wrongful thinking
deepens connections.

Witnesses did claim
brief but erotic sparks danced
on the empty bed.

Rare roots found to feed
endless supply of young trees
aliens left seeds.

News at eleven
speak to mayor ’bout crime wave
vigilantes wave.

~ ~ ~

Words drawn from the Sunday Whirl’s Wordle # 245 & Six Word Wednesday.

Image credit: Pixabay

40 thoughts on “Threads of Grace

  1. First two lines are my fav. So beautiful “laced” gives the poem and grace a feeling of delicacy. Great imagery.

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    1. Yes it is. There is a slashing epidemic going on in this city. People being slashed and stabbed FOR FUN. lol It’s not as bad as Chicago, but we are having serious problems. And the guy with the cape was a pizza delivery. lol

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    2. I hadn’t heard about that. I’m just outside the City. Then again I work a lot and don’t have much time to do more than scan the headlines every so often.


  2. I just love the opening lines in particular and all that follows. You couldn’t have done better justice to the image with the first two verses. And then bang! The way you close it with that sudden twist. Bravo!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It’ll all be here when you have time 🙂 I understand about that, some people I follow are even more prolific than I am. I do the best I can but I can’t read all of their posts either. I just read what I can. 🙂

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