Fortunate: Emotional ABCs

The ABCs of Emotion: Fortunate

Fortune favors bold–
all your cards on the table
bluffs that win the pot

I make my fortune
I need no favor, just brains
trial and error

Strategy wins over fortune’s favor here
in this board room full of suits and glazed eyes.
Nothing bold here except maybe a care.
Yet fortunes are made and lost in disguise.
Stock market’s our bitch, rising at our touch
dropping when we stroke the economy.
Banks beg us for more; we became their crutch.
At our command, they click heels and say ‘aye.
We play roulette with interest rates and hike
them up like skirts–push them down, pump them up
whatever makes us hot, hardens our spike
for the pile-drive into money’s used up
hole, inflation, which sucks everyone dry
leaves all save us, the pimp, limp and snake eyed.

Go be bold and bet
your wages on a die’s roll
leave me my boardroom

I control the world
with keystrokes and money moved
start wars with spreadsheets

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