Concentric rings disrupted the image
reflected in the pool; drips from fingers
dropped onto that watery assemblage
where a pair of glowing green eyes linger.

Sarn turned his back on the water’s mirror
and the stalactite’s slow weeping to pace.
His son continued making rings appear
and glowing stones’ reflections dance in place.

“Why you sad?” Ran asked, eyes on his canvas.
“Not sad just–” Sarn broke off, magic crested,
he breathed in deep, and fought it down en mass.
It strained ‘gainst mental chains, then rested.

Deep breath, water plinks, a touch to his leg,
a hug, but he feels like a powder keg.

~ ~ ~

He’s walking, passing reflections, casting
none as he hurries, his son in his arms.
Yet he still casts reflections, more lasting
than water can capture and that alarms.
His son reflects his choices and magic.
with sleepy green-eyed innocence, so sweet.
Cradled, his son’s reflecting on magic
’cause its reflected on water, replete
with small pictures that change with Papa’s mind.
“Why’re you sad?” Ran asked, yawned,  “You’re magic’s sad.”
“My magic’s sad?” Sarn saw the green glow wind
around them, so they walked in safety clad.

His magic reflected his need to shield
his young son from all that evil concealed.

~ ~ ~

 Follow Sarn’s Advent journey. It begins in the  Curse Breaker Saga  and you can check out related vignettes starring him on my Holiday page (for the Anvent sequence) and my Tales of Shayari page for non-holiday related misadventures.

~ ~ ~

Written for Writing 101: Poetry’s prompt of Reflections using the characters from my Curse Breaker Saga


18 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Oh, I just loved the idea of “Yet he still casts reflections, more lasting than water can capture”. That is so true, profound, and of the kind of things that make me think – how did I not see it before… so thank you for opening my eyes.
    And another thing. I like that it stands alone. That one can connect and feel it even before knowing the whole story.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Alright. 🙂 But for me, you are! And I was kinda expecting that the next prompt will be from you after I learned that the first one was from Laducheeserat. (I am not sure if I spelled it right, don’t tell her) 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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