Second Thoughts

bells (c) Melinda Kucsera

Second Thoughts

(Picks up where Sparring left off)

An open door framed the Christmas tree from
where Sarn sat on the edge of his bed,
his son’s head pillowed on his thigh, but from
that angle what was visible instead,
was not the silver fringe unraveled.
The tree spoke of things unknown, begged questions
with every hanging ornament and bell.
Evergreen sprigs and wreaths–decorations
that changed the familiar terrain leaving
him confused at night, wond’ring where currents
of this season would take him next, wond’ring
if flight might’ve been best ‘fore his son learnt
of this ‘Christmas’. The boy knew it existed,
too late to file it away or desist.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in Button Holed.

Part of a series of Advent vignettes featuring the cast of the Curse Breaker Saga. This offering is #5 in the series. You can find the rest in order on my Holiday page. You can also find the Advent vignettes on my Tales of Shayari page along with a full hyperlinked list of other vignettes staring the same characters and places.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by Advent and the Sunday Whirl’s 229th Wordle (pictured below) and the Reverie’s prompt: From the Outside Looking In.



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    1. Actually they are a book that I have been cannibalizing for my site 🙂 I have drafts of more than four books. The first book I am working on getting it out on Kindle. Thank you for your kind words.

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