Senryu for a Better Living*

Senryu  for a Better Living*

*A collaboration with Nandita from Manan Unleashed 

Nandita suggested that we collaborate on a series centered around cardinal duties after reading my Senryu’s Seven Virtues series. The rest was pure poetic magic! Do stop by and visit her site for a peek into a beautiful heart and soul through her poems.



Senryu  for a Better Living

Respect your elders
they have years of age in them
So much you can learn

Regard as equal
All people you encounter
They’re facets of One

Love your fellow beings
Love makes the world go around
It’ll come back to you

A heart full of love
Leaves no space for hate to form
Intensions stay pure

Give all that you can
Richer you will become with
hands empty,heart full

Live unencumbered
Free of monetary woes
Life unrestricted

Cherish every breath
The gift of life is precious
Death lurks at the door

Live today as if
No tomorrow will follow
Throw away regret

Apologize deep
Goes a long way in lighting
Up a hurting heart

Forgive sincerely
Hold no grudges ‘neath that heart
Freedom you will find

Turn the other cheek
But don’t become a doormat
Sincerity’s key

Smile and laugh a lot
Let your smiles light up the dark
Do it genuinely

Spread joy where you go
Like dand’lion seeds on wind
Let them root at need

Hope and pray for all
Good wishes pave way for aid
Remind us to help

~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading and thank you Nandita for writing  this with me. ❤

14 thoughts on “Senryu for a Better Living*

  1. Beautiful. In short, respect, love, and learn from everyone. Treat others with kindness and forgiveness. Well written and very true!

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  2. Wonderful words you have strung together. Life is too short for anger, hate and being judgmental of others. A welcoming smile opens up many more doors than a frown.

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