Energized: Emotional ABCs

The ABCs of Emotion: Energized

Coiled power springs
spikes blood with adrenaline
rush of energy

Pedal to metal
roar down freeway, hair flying
black banner in wind

Thighs squeeze the red ducati as I swerve
wheel bumps onto sidewalk, lean hard to right
swing around an outdoor cafe called Verve.
My kind of place, snag a menu and bite
of lunch from that waiter with the slicked back
hair–uh-oh, my mirror shows him dialing.
Cell phone to his ear and a sneer that smacks
of envy contorts his face into a thing
best left in nightmares as I carreen round
a bend, heart thumping, blood zinging, crackle
of energy rushes from spine to ground.
It shakes the street; I avoid a tackle
by zipping across an intersection
horns honk, cars skid, saved by fuel injection.

Energy bottled
sold to ignorant shoppers
makes me laugh out loud.

Everyone should have
a coiled spring vibrating
making energy.

39 thoughts on “Energized: Emotional ABCs

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I wonder the same thing. I have never needed “energy” in a bottle. I am one of those high-energy people. Food for me is like rocket fuel in a jet fighter. Forget caffeine. if I ingest even a little, I can’t sleep.


    2. I’ve cut way back on caffeine (no longer drink it daily), which wasn’t a deliberate effort–and I haven’t noticed any ill effects, so now I know I don’t really need it like I used to think πŸ™‚

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