Found Poem and Chiasmus

What the heck is this? Jump down to find out.


 Today’s Poetic Mission:

For today’s assignment, We had to use chiasmus and found poetry. A found poem is just what it sounds like. You collage a bunch of words, phrases, stanzas–whatever–cut out from other sources to make a poem. Chiasmus involves repeating a word or phrase in a different order.

Not sure I hit that second mark. I did repeat glass. I’m not sure I care if I hit that second mark but I really like the result. I collaged together pieces of other collages I’ve made in the past to illustrate a poem. Let me know if you think this turned out as cool as I think it did. Talk about mixed media, the collages pictured above use everything from oil paint to charcoal to photographs.

21 thoughts on “Found Poem and Chiasmus

  1. What matters is that you like the results! I do too! I love the idea of words being ‘colored shards’. Personally, I love to do collages. I used a collage of dwellings in a post last month called Possibilities. Great collages both the visual and linguistic.

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