All Jumbled Up: A Magpie Sonnet

All Jumbled Up

Lines curve into faces and trace features,
ink a mask to hide his identity.
From a jumbled mess rises a creature.
Friend or foe? Can’t tell ’til the entity
emerges. A story coalesces
from the random chaos. A helmet lies
but no weapon, leaving only guesses
to how the masked man will cut it down to size.
An arrow bends into a square, circles,
crosses and a leaf are all jumbled up.
A child’s scrawl, a treasure map or cycles
depicted by Jackson Pollack? No pup
like me could make sense of it, not without
an art degree. Even then it’s in doubt.

in response to Magpie’s picture prompt 290 for this week. Whatever school of art Jackson Pollack subscribes to it is not one I like or even get.

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