A Crown of Sonnets for Your Soul: A Stomp Prompt


A Crown of Sonnets for Your Soul

(All the sonnets from the series in one handy place. You’re welcome.)

Soul Walking

A woman walks in slow time savoring
the images the music paints upon
her soul. On the band plays never knowing
the joy they bring one young woman’s soul. Drawn
to roam the graveyard, barefoot for all time,
she keeps the rhythm of her steps in line
with the sweet music that makes her soul chime.
The lead sings on for their patrons that dine.
But don’t see, souls weaving to and fro, ’round
the graves. A soul singing but never
heard. Her voice lost by death and never found.
Her dance unseen, felt as cold ever
drifting ‘cross the street to the strand, to kiss
the band whose playing gave her two hours’ bliss.

Souls Singing

The band whose playing gave her two hours’ bliss
before had to depart. So quiet fell.
Her soul, bereft, trod graves in music-less
accompaniment. A clarion bell,
a voice like no other, cut through the night.
A soprano singing; the wind sighing–
a sweet duet of nature, life and light.
She sang of a place beyond all telling,
a place ‘cross distant seas called Eversong.
Her song continued ’til night spent itself
and the graveyard’s souls would fly to her song.
She bid souls to gather at the seas’ shelf.
Their bodies left to rot in graves that lie.
They rose on the wings of a song to fly.

Souls Flying

They rose on the wings of a song to fly.
Propelled by the angel singing, they soared.
Trailing stars, skimming clouds, they bid goodbye
to the mortal world to join in one accord.
Towards night’s lair, west beyond west they sailed.
On that far shore, the angel called them home.
Buoyed by hope never again assailed,
souls lost to graves, now found, need never roam.
Not while the angel calls them home. Her song
pierces the mortal veil and calls the lost
to return to the land of Eversong,
where all life began with a song that crossed
the world. A song that kindled life and light,
note by note, word by word, ’till all was right.

Souls Playing

Note by note, word by word, ’till all was right,
he stood swaying on the deck. Plucking strings,
to hear them ring, he played a song of night.
Along the shore, they came all night, both kings,
and serfs alike. Death accepts all titles,
severs all allegiances ‘cept to Him,
who fashioned all, to Him who’s entitled
all praise and thanksgiving. Eversong’s hymns
rise o’er that sparkling metropolis.
Amethyst spires pierce the sky and dragons
circle, their jeweled wings flashing as they kiss
the clouds. Souls gape and stare, none are draggin’
their feet. He smiles, lowers the gangway.
“All aboard,” the angel mariner says.

 Souls Sailing

“All aboard,” the angel mariner says.
He’s plied this route for centuries.
On one shore stands the Mortal Veil, and ways
back to flesh, blood and woe. “Turn from it please,
that sparkling curtain, lest it tempt you
to step through and become a lost soul again.
No life is found that way. If life’s what you
want, sail with me to Eversong. You’ll gain
new life when you’ve atoned.” She looked instead
at the other shimmering veils, the black
angel, Shonofar, singing as she lead
arriving souls to the ship, not one looked back
at where they’d been. The last journey waited
on the far shore, where old lives abated.

Souls Arriving

On the far shore, where old lives abated.
The square-rigged, ship drawn by dragon power,
pulled up to the shallows. She departed
with the souls who’d flown from grave to towers
shining in the sun. Angels gathered there
to welcome all to the Lands of Ever
where no mortal had e’er trod. Whatever
expectations she’d had fled, for never
had she dreamed of a city of angels.
They lined the streets in gleaming robes, waving,
singing, a song that had no ending. Bells
chimed in sweet accompaniment, leading
her deeper into the city, towards
He who began the song with that one chord.

Souls Praying

“He who began the song with that one chord,
didn’t sit enthroned. Raising Choruses
of peace, so all could be of one accord,
he sang, delivering new summonses,
weaving a song of forgiveness: atone
now, he spoke to her, the woman who walked
in slow time savoring the show. Her bones
rest in the graveyard, where the music waked
her soul and painted it with images
sung by that musician. She kissed his cheek
with grave cold lips. ‘Tween her stands no cages
to keep her from the salvation she seeks.
To Him she goes, to join his song and sing
of peace ‘till her turn comes to earn her wings.

The crown of sonnets I did for this week’s Stomp Prompt: soul all in one convenient place. They strike quit a chord.

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  1. Wow that was top notch Melinda. I know we are new friends but you do need to publish your work only in a book. Hear me out, posting your novel on your blog will only get you so far..and your book could be the next big movie!

    I feel your sister was so right about your writing I don’t know if you are too busy making a living, shy, (I know you’re hurting now,) but you need to look into self publishing. You have a job if you are in good financial straights ( I never am lol) get a publisher! Self publishing has never been easier I hope to do it (for me it’s money/time) you just need to do it right so your book doesn’t end up being one of many that get classified wrong or not picked up.

    I know many writers who post on their blogs what they should be publishing wasting time and great work and you are one of them. My life is at a turning point that I can’t help but I can help support you on your way. Your work (stories, novel) is very popular right now, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Walking Dead. who’s to say Melinda’s characters can’t take over the boob tube someday?

    I just started cracking your work. It’s quality girl!

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    1. Thank you. I am working on self publishing. I work full time do it’s taking longer than I would like to get my story out there but in working on it. Thank you for the support. It’s wonderful to hear someone I’m not related to speaking so highly of my writing. Thank you for validating my hard work and sleepless nights.

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    1. They are a window in what I hope the afterlife holds. At least for my fantasy characters this is what they have to look forward to. My sister always loved the idea of song and a boat ride being involved. (in reply to another comment that got flagged as spam–again my apologies!)

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