Souls Praying: Stomp Prompt Sonnet #7


Souls Praying

“He who began the song with that one chord,
didn’t sit enthroned. Raising Choruses
of peace, so all could be of one accord,
he sang, delivering new summonses,
Weaving a song of forgiveness: atone
now, he spoke to her, the woman who walked
in slow time savoring the show. Her bones
rest in the graveyard, where the music waked
her soul and painted it with images
sung by that musician. She kissed his cheek
with grave cold lips. ‘Tween her stands no cages
to keep her from the salvation she seeks.
To Him she goes, to join his song and sing
of peace ‘till her turn comes to earn her wings.

The last sonnet in the crown of sonnets I am doing for this week’s Stomp Prompt: soul

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