I Write Because…


I Write Because

I write ’cause I created characters,
gave them lives and they want their stories told.
I was lonely, so I made characters
to keep me company–an army bold
to slay my fears and friends to quell my tears.
To my sibs, I told their epic stories.
I developed their world for many years,
happily writing most of a series–
until my sister died. Her last request
I honor by working towards publication
of the stories she loved and the new quests
I’m writing now. Writing’s my vocation,
my reason for being here. Through it I speak
to those I’ve lost, find the closure I seek.

~ ~ ~

Photo caption: Many Mels (a Self Portrait Mash-up)

in answer to the prompt from Writing 101: I write because…and since the image is a collage of ‘Mels’, selfies of me that  I am really happy with, I am also submitting this to Bulldog Travel’s Selfie prompt.

15 thoughts on “I Write Because…

  1. You always write awesome. Hope I can learn from you.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t found the contact page so I’m messaging you here.

    Good morning,

    Will you become my blogging buddy? It’s basically a task on blogging 201. I’ve seen that you interact continuously with other bloggers, so I asked you. Also, I like the way you tell about the improvements in my work. I can share your work on my blog and network as well.

    Thank you.

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    1. Not much. You’ll review my work and I’ll review yours(you are far better than me). And whenever, time allows, you can share my work on your blog and social circles and I’ll do the same for you. Also, we can together create anything new like a post or event.


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