Favorite Things – A Sonnet in the Form of a List

Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • baking apples, cinnamon scents wafting.
  • Struck-coin medallions and two tone earrings.
  • Lean beef cuts in barbecue sauce stewing.
  • Writing sonnets but not in a list form.
  • Making poems out of scenes from my stories.
  • Sipping hot tea while watching a snow storm.
  • Accessing my digital libraries
    on my smart phone from under the covers.
  • My small apartment fragrant from baking
  • Walking while overhead a storm hovers.
  • Writing books ’bout a world of my making.
  • An army of imaginary friends
    at my back, who’re with me through all life’s bends.

~ ~ ~

There you have it.  A sonnet in the form of a list thanks to Writing 101’s prompt for tonight.

9 thoughts on “Favorite Things – A Sonnet in the Form of a List

  1. Some rather unusual things. Walking with a storm brewing overhead, for instance. I never have wished for that! I can’t get very excited about my list yet. I’m thinking of not sticking to the subject. See how I feel about it in the morning.

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