Photo-fiction Challenge #6 – Upended


Keysta leaned against the upended couch
wondering what to do now that they’d gone.
He had turned the house upside down, that grouch,
but he’d not found her. Her bro went to pawn
a trinket that wouldn’t fetch enough to pay
the men off or make a dent in their debt.
despair crushed her, ground her down, left no way
to recoup or energy to try. Threats
still echoed when her bro returned. Coins clink,
his boots scrape to a stop at the scene, eyes
scan for signs of his elder sis, then blink
to take it all in. He moves fast and tries
to set right what greedy men upended.
Debt he can’t end but his sis, he’ll defend.

~ ~ ~

Keysta and her brother are characters from later books in the Curse Breaker Saga.

Prompt courtesy of Photo-fiction Challenge #6