The Sky Cries Rain Tears

The Sky Cries

“Why’s the sky cry?” asked Ran who walked beside.
His question aimed at his somber father.
“It’s raining not crying,” said Sarn, who tried
not to look back, not to decipher her
last words, not to dwell on things now ended.
His eyes followed the lake’s curve to her home.
But she’d gone back to a life upended
without a freak with a magic syndrome.
Ran pipped up suddenly, “I know why it cries.”
Sarn regarded his son for the answer,
“Because you don’t cry, so for you, it cries.”
Ran squeezed his father’s hand, looking wiser
than his scant years. “You can cry, it’s okay.
‘Cause when I’m sad that’s what you always say.”

Rain Tears

Stunned Sarn said nothing, for what could he say?
Partings brought sorrow especially those
that were permanent. But here he couldn’t stay,
he’d sworn to return, but hoped to stay close,
a hope made in vain due to the distance.
“Papa? Will we see the nice lady soon?
“I don’t think so,” he said. His existence
becoming as scattered as the leaf-strewn
path that wound around lake Neverthrall’s beach.
He’d left a part of his heart in her keeping.
Another part skipped beside him within reach.
For him the sky continued its weeping,
and maybe it wept for all who suffer.
Raindrops mixed with tears, to form a buffer.

~ ~ ~

This is from a latter book in the Curse Breaker Saga. The picture inspired the scene and the poem.  I took the photo in my town after a rainstorm while I was walking back to my car after church.

For today’s  Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

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