Poetry 101 Rehab: Father



Ran sat used Papa as a backrest while
he stacked blocks woven from wild reeds. Magic
rushed ’round under Papa’s skin; it beguiled
the child listening to its rhythmic music.
Magic beat with his heart and sometimes in
counterpoint. Ran’s hair stood up; Papa’s arm
draped across his lap securing him in
place. Green sparks raced across his father’s arm,
leapt over Ran’s head outlining a loose sphere
that winked in and out of view. Ran pushed blocks
at the peak-a-boo curtain of power there.
The block stopped mid-air within the sphere locked.
Ran laughed and pushed on Papa’s magic wall
that had become a new toy after all.

~ ~ ~

The sonnet is based on a flashback that Ran has in the Curse Breaker Saga.

prompt courtesy of POETRY 101 REHAB: FATHER

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