Writing 101 Assignment 5 – Legacy


“All that is gold does not glitter…” — JRR Tolkien


(the Legend of the Curse Breaker)

Not all gold glitters while some lies hidden.
In caves deep and under waters sweet, bides
that which can set all to right. Unbidden
it rises from the depths to hand the guide
knowledge true to right a wrong God still sees.
Cursed since birth this child of a magic ban,
to his hand draws kingmaker Legacy–
the blade that shattered in the traitor’s hand.
There it merges into a gleaming whole–
Blade that regicide and fratricide broke–
to heal a sundered land and plug a hole
left by betrayal. Still remains the yoke
that tied Nalshira’s line to curses old,
lest he that bears Legacy breaks the mold.

Every fantasy series has a prophecy and mine is no different. The prophesy has many variations depending on which soothsayer spun the yarn.


33 thoughts on “Writing 101 Assignment 5 – Legacy

    1. I love The Lord of the Ring series. My book is nothing like The Hobbit. Rest assured. It’s got more in common with star wars medieval style with a dash of Three Musketeers and a whole lot of King Arthur. Not the King Arthur ala the old tales but the King Arthur cartoon I watched as a kid.


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