Ripped from the Headlines! – A Daily Post Sonnet

Ripped from the Headlines!

Ripped from the Headlines the ransom note came,
each letter painstakingly cut, pasted,
arranged to spell out a note licked by flame.
A claim made from twenty broadsheets wasted
on the demand for more land. The hostage
taken turned out to be a wagon full of beans.
The culprit, a dragon, skimped on postage
by tossing the flaming note on the Queen’s
hive, disrupting royal pollination
and scattering her precious bees. Reports
claim this winter we’ll be on short rations
’til bees start their flower nuzzling sport.
Would someone send a representative
to free the alimentary captive?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ripped from the Headlines!.”

7 thoughts on “Ripped from the Headlines! – A Daily Post Sonnet

    1. I read “ripped from the headlines” and the image of a ransom note image–you know the one with the letters cut out from newspapers and magazines–popped into my head. So I ran with it.


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