What the Ant Saw

What the Ant Saw

What the ant saw when he stopped on a branch:
golden rays slicing through tangled black boughs,
falling in curtains of lace that hung off each branch
like gossamer threads of gold fairy down.

What the ant saw when he paused on a ledge:
a city built on shimmering water,
bridges arching ‘tween buildings, statues edge
each garden terrace; keep feet off water.

What the ant saw from the mountain’s bent cone:
ice kissed, sun soaked, the crag peak pierces clouds,
offers views of a fluffy land rain-sewn,
wind-driven, sky-veiling–this puffy shroud.

All the ant saw made his antennae twitch,
but his view, high or low, he’d never switch.

~ ~ ~

This ant really got around. He visited the Enchanted Forest, Renthalia: the City of Bridges and hung out on one of the “hundreds of mountains” littering Shayari. (Shayari claims to have a hundred valleys but no one has actually counted them to verify that.) Not bad for an ant.

Prompt courtesy of One Word Photo Challenge – Ants

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    1. Thank you, I thought so too and to think, this prompt was the hardest one yet. I got the idea from someone else of using the ant’s perspective and I ran with it in the opposite direction of course from the source of my inspiration 🙂

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    1. haha, all you could come up with…if this is you ‘struggling’ to find something to write then I want some of that struggle 🙂

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