If Sarn could split his time ‘tween two places,
and two places only, he’d have to choose
Mount Eredren as one of his bases
to fulfill his indenture’s terms or lose
the bargain he’d made for his bro’s schooling.
If his indenture allowed a second
abode, (which it didn’t), he’d make that grueling
trek to Mithranza Provence. It beckoned,
its mountain passes whispered of wars won
and lost by heroes of old; in the lake-
side village, he’d stay for months for her sake,
the lovely woman with whom he’d begun
a friendship his indenture didn’t allow
and something his master couldn’t disavow.

~ ~ ~

Read more about Sarn in the Curse Breaker Saga. You can also find more vignette-style poems about him and other characters from the Curse Breaker Saga on my Tales of Shayari page.

Prompt courtesy of: The Daily Post’s Post a day prompt for Nov 21: A Tale of Two Cities

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