“…he needs faith,” Nolo said, “in something, my
God, any god, it would help a great deal.”
“Faith takes time,” his wife replied, “meetings by
friends who introduce…don’t make a big deal
out of it if he refuses to come.”
Footsteps. “So I shouldn’t invite him to church?”
“I just meant if he says no don’t succomb
to anger. Please don’t sour him on church.”

Ran crawled out from under the low table
pushing his ball, wondering what ‘faith’ meant
while they left for the place with that label.
He waited, but didn’t ask what they had meant.
He’d go ask Papa; this was an adult
thing, so to Papa he went to consult.

~ ~ ~

“What’s faith mean?” Ran asked, as he tossed his ball
hand to hand, startling Sarn, who sought some
answer. “It’s belief in the unseen all
the time, even if you don’t know if some-
thing’s there or not.” At least that’s what it seemed
to mean to Nolo but that wasn’t enough.
“It’s a good thing; faith makes good people dream
of doing better, it helps when life’s tough.”
Still that wasn’t enough, faith was more than that,
he knew. “It’s the light in Inari’s smile,
the safe home Nolo’s gave us for this chat,
and hundreds more things that are worthwhile.”
Sarn fell silent as Ran digested ‘faith’;
maybe he too needed to have some ‘faith’.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in Light the Wreath.

Redacted from “Chasing Sarn.”

Read more about Sarn in the Curse Breaker Saga. Like vignette-style poems? I’ve got lots on my Tales of Shayari page or my Poetic Fantasy page.

~ ~ ~

This post was inspired by Faith ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #12 and since the image shows a transition, I’m submitting it for the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Transition and, since it’s also an aperture, (at least it looks like one to me) I’m also submitting this one for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge, which this week is Aperture. That’s right folks. This one’s a three-fer and maybe even a keeper? 🙂

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      1. I like it a lot. That’s a good intriguing start for it 🙂

        Don’t worry about the text thing. I see you’re using the Lovecraft theme. I tried it when it came out and my antique computer had problems with it then too, as with the newer theme I switched to. I think WordPress changed something in the new themes which doesn’t work as smoothly with old computers. But like humans, after a nap it works fine.

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