The Wanderer

The Wanderer

He kept the balance ‘tween good and evil,
natural and corrupted, man and beast.
The One Continent is his cathedral.
Its upkeep, the last Balancer bequeathed.

Across Mori Kana’s rust sands to drive
demons out of  Morfane’s fabled onion-
domed spires. He climbs to higher ground to deprive
those demons access. He smote in canyons
deep their remains, scattering them on winds
westward-running towards aeries in the peaks.
At climbs end, he reclines in peace, unwinds
with glossy bat-winged humanoids. ‘Till speaks
his sixth sense of danger brewing abroad.
A giant eagle flies him to trouble’s fjord.

~ ~ ~

Based on ‘The legend of the Balancer’ and other folklore from Shayari and the One Continent.

~ ~ ~

Like vignette-style poems? I’ve got lots more on my Tales of Shayari page because something is always happening in Shayari or out in one of its neighboring countries.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by the Daily Post’s prompt: The Wanderer

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