Curse Breaker | Intercepted

Curse Breaker | Intercepted

“Easy,” said the newcomer, “It’s just Green Eyes.”

Sarn risked a glance at the man standing at his elbow. Grime combined with the green glow of Sarn’s eyes made it impossible to tell what color the man’s garments were or if the fellow was sporting gang colors. The gap-toothed fellow waited for a response of some kind. Great, so word had spread that Sarn wasn’t mute. Damn it. 

“How do you know me?”


He owed Zaduke a favor. Anger flared up but Sarn squelched it and the memory of just why he owed a jumped up thug a favor. How had Zaduke’s men known that he’d come this way tonight? No, there was no way they could have known. 

“What are you doing down this way? These tunnels are claimed by Rade and his men.”

Sarn pushed to his feet and in the river’s black surface, he saw the dead green eyes of that boy. The sight set him running. He took the twists and turns at breakneck speed. 

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  1. Ohh. I think this is my first encounter with Zaduke. I am now curious if he and his gang are Sarn’s allies.

    And those green eyes are haunting Sarn… Where will his running lead him now???

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