Give Truth a Chance

Give Truth a Chance*


*A collaboration with Manan, the talented poetess behind Manan Unleashed. Drop by her site and be dazzled by her wit, amazed at the beautiful images she creates and swept away by her heartfelt words.

Give Truth a Chance

Same old same old, that’s what we hear them say
Same old miserable lie every day
So much we conceal behind this same old
For once let’s break the superfluous mold

Break the chains of your silence–speak your mind.
Voice your heart’s truth–please don’t keep it confined.
Let everyone know it’s not the same old
thing everyday–let the truth out, be bold.

Fearless we’ll be, we urge you do the same
Not be a victim of mind’s silly game
If it’s breaking you inside asunder
Tell your loved ones, let them piece you tender

Together all parts make one whole person
the same old thing mixing with the new sun
of truth shining through to make all things new
and erect new bridges that will stand true.

~ ~ ~

Thank you Manan for this birthday collaboration!
(So glad we snuck it in cloak-and -dagger like while I was at work.)

40 thoughts on “Give Truth a Chance

  1. Happy Birthday dearest Melinda!! I thought I had posted a haiku on your fb page but I may have forgotten to click enter. Now I forget what I wrote… Ah but this one is better:

    on this day
    several moons away
    an angel was born

    lots of luv and cyber hugs, Cheryl-Lynn

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    1. Thank you! Good to see you again! Your posts have not graced my reader recently. Glad to know you’re here lurking around the blogosphere and that your literary star still burns in its firmament 🙂

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