Curse Breaker | Homecoming

Curse Breaker | Homecoming

“If you go back will you be in trouble?”

“I—I don’t know.”

Sarn had never gone awol before. He’d been an indentured servant to the Rangers for four years now and no Ranger had ever pulled a stunt like this. Not that he’d listened for any such stories. If a Ranger had pulled such a fool stunt, they never would have told him out of fear that he’d do it too. That didn’t bode well for him. Sarn ran a hand over his face. He hated trouble yet he couldn’t help falling victim to it at every turn. He really was mentally defective.

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23 thoughts on “Curse Breaker | Homecoming

    1. I agree but his brother is not going to give up. So we’ll see who wins 🙂 He’ll be home tomorrow for certain 🙂 Today’s and the next few posts are among my favorites from this book. There’s a long arc later in the story with his son that I also love.

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    1. 😀 yeah I had to title it homecoming. This and the next few posts are among my favorite from this book. Sarn spent the last few posts trying to get to his home and now he’s there and I love his little family. They are love and drama in equal measure 🙂

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