Beloved*: A Collaboration


A collaboration with Carol from

Carol is a skilled poet who excels at crafting haikus, haibuns and tankas that read like a Japanese master penned them. She also creates short fiction, longer poems and haigas of breath-stealing breadth and beauty.

She has set her sights on a form I know and love: the sonnet. Together she and I have woven a sonnet about those nearest to our hearts but farthest from our sides.


An incomplete life, one rife with endings,
Promises broken, days that are not spent
Leaving relatives broken and lending
Ears to listen for her voice from heav’n sent

Taken from the world all too soon in time
Grief is all that is there to fill her place
Sometimes there is no clear reason or rhyme
How I wish we could see her precious face

But I know she waits at heav’n’s pearly gates
Her hand waiting to enfold mine and lead
Me to paradise where endings create
New beginnings for new lives that are freed

Her soul’s powerful love is now increased
My guide, angel, solace~without surcease

~ ❤ ~

Collaborating on a sonnet was a lot of fun. I was getting tired of the form because I have written so many in the last three or four months but this collaboration made me recall why I love the form so much.

Thank you Carol for making the sonnet my beloved form again.

~ ❤ ~

This poem is dedicated to all those we have loved, lost and hope are waiting on the other side; whatever you believe that other side to be.

~ ❤ ~

44 thoughts on “Beloved*: A Collaboration

  1. Oh.. this heartwarming sonnet touches the soul within. It can recall grief created by death yet the final lines give a much coveted feeling of peace,

    I haven’t written a sonnet, yet, and I am still intimidated by, it. Nonetheless, this poem make me adore it more. 🙂

    Great job, as expected, you two! ❤

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  2. Beautiful.. talks deeply of loss yet the hope of being reunited with the lost ones. A life bereft of that love yet replete with the hope of a chance at that love. The closing couplet seals my faith on the other side.
    Wonderful collab, Mel and Carol.

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