a way with words

a way with words*

*a collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote

stop by Annie’s blog to read grateful notes, poetic gems whose facets sparkle with truth and inspiring posts that will motivate you to chase your dreams.


a way with words

cursor flashes words appear like magic
distance shortens, longing for each letter
spaces ‘tween words where meaning’s lost–tragic
this void, nothingness, heart starts to falter
stutters to a stop until words appear
they wake the soul, begin to show the way
back to where love’s words once did appear.
hope returns, prepared for a brand new day
blank pages lie in wait to accept words
telling tales of dreams that are meant to be
no to do lists here committed to words
let spirit soar, as far as eyes can see
fly free of earthbound words that seek to hold
and offers peace on gorgeous plates of gold

70 thoughts on “a way with words

  1. Mel, in all my collaborative experience, if there is one thing i havd come to realize, it’s this….with some people you just click and your poetry flows effortlessly. And that’s the reason I work with Thomas so often. You can’t make out of its written by more thAn one person. Thaaaat seamless a good collab looks and feels like. This was your that. Just beautiful, you two!

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                    1. I should’ve done the same! I keep thinking today is Saturday because I am off work, so yesterday was Friday and your yesterday was Thursday because you’re a day behind… Oh now I am confused again.

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                    2. me too! I share your pain! That blogger is at it again but thanks to our quick thinking, when he copied the email and pasted it, he got only the summary sent out 🙂 I am not upset about that.It’s all jumbled up, no formatting and quite brief. anyone who wants to read it will have to click to read it on my website

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                    3. could be ifg Blogger has a post by email feature. Hopefully when Google investigates, they’ll see this as a spam site and take it down. I don’t think a real person is doing this. It was posted seconds after my post. Too quick for a human.

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                    4. That’s what I thought. And yesterday when I checked it out it looked to me like it pulled data from some random different sites. Do you think you need a screen grab of the site just in case?

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                    5. I don’t think so because there are individual urls for all the posts. I wonder how long it will take Google to act on this and how many other sites are engaged in this? I managed to convert a blogger who was doing this kind of thing over to the proper way of doing things–ie, putting a short summary and a link back. But this blogger site isn’t a real person. I just don’t understand what the blogger hopes to gain by this


                    6. I’m collecting the little wonderful things and putting them in my virtual gratitude jar… this one might make it in the next edition of gratitude note 🙂

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                    7. It’s an amazing app! That’s where I draft my posts before I transfer them to WP or even Twitter. I have a gratitude tag and a thought just crossed my mind that I should have a gratitude notebook in that app 🙂

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      1. Such an awesome feeling. A time ago I had a hard time collaborating. It was scary. Love your writing btw, I lean more towards poetry and you have a very cool style in a classical way. I enjoy reading you. Thank you, it’s awesome connecting. 🙏❤️

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