a way with words

a way with words* *a collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote stop by Annie’s blog to read grateful notes, poetic gems whose facets sparkle with truth and inspiring posts that will motivate you to chase your dreams.   a way with words cursor flashes words appear like magic distance shortens, longing for each letter spaces ‘tween words where meaning’s lost–tragic this void, nothingness, heart starts to falter stutters to a stop until words appear they wake the soul, begin to show the way back to where love’s words once did appear. hope returns, prepared for a brand new day … Continue reading a way with words

Photo-fiction #10 – When Words Fail

When Words Fail Words shifted on the page, jumped up, rearranged. Sarn wrestled them, tried to glean meaning from the handwritten letters so estranged from their spoken counterparts. Divining nothing from it, he looked out at the street but felt no desire to go abroad until his son climbed up and took a seat on the table. Sarn felt less like a fraud with the closed book pushed aside by his son. Ran fingered the book. “Why you look so sad?” Sarn wanted to read stories to his son, the ones he’d loved most,  like a proper dad. He opened the book. Each word he sounded out; his son sat … Continue reading Photo-fiction #10 – When Words Fail