Write on Water

Write on Water  by Melinda Kucsera

Write on Water

My last breath–I write
a last request on water
erased by the tide

Scribbling on water
future written in ripples
fate rides wind-tossed waves

Underwater I–
grip my lifesaver, write help
then draw my escape

Sketched my fantasy
then drowned in its sensation,
swam immersed in dreams.

Walk on water smooth
sheet of glass etched by no words
nature holds the pen

Bubbles spell my doom
as I plummet, my pen held tight
flotation device?

I sink and pass fish
I click to expose the nib
no upwards motion.

Written on water
a scream bubble etched, tide-swirled
my last words stolen

Fish watch as I drown
their schools swim past wide-eyed
octopus lends ink

In the silt I lie
no breath left to cry, just die
my cold side tingles

Gills rip open–breathe
send air to collapsing lungs
lie still, equalize

Flex webbed fingers, toes
you weren’t human after all
float as you write on

Scribing stories with
octopus ink underneath
lake’s placid mirror

~ ~ ~

For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge #105

39 thoughts on “Write on Water

    1. I’m stressed but getting along as best I can with this juggling act we call life. I’m glad to hear you’re thriving. I’ll get there. Curse Breaker: Enchanted publishes on 9/27. Then I market it and edit the sequel. The road will bend eventually and present a smoother way. I wish it would hurry up. All this striving is tiring! Thank you for asking and stopping by. 😊 You’re always welcome.

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  1. Yes! Writing your last words on water to live on after you as ripples wind blown, trying to stay afloat…powerful and fitting imagery Melinda, all captured in beautiful form. I enjoy your writing so much, my friend 🙂

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  2. Extremely interesting poem. First the writing on water and trying to float and stay above not drown. Then thinking you’ll drown but developing gills, ” not human” like an “octopus.” But you’re still writing. Your poem speaks to me about transformation and being adaptive in certain situations. Maybe being able to write and have that ability, no matter the circumstance. Also, as a person in a difficult situation, adapting to your surroundings and your writing transforming because of it. Great job!

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    1. I’d love to collab again. I’m not sure if I can do it today though. All the big wigs who were out last week are in today. So I’ve got some work to do for them and all those meetings that were pushed off from last week still need to be rescheduled. I should know by day’s end how the week will go and I can let you know then. But yes I’d love to continue collabing!

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  3. Beautiful. I have read many good collaorations in which you participated, so I am grateful to e ale to taste your own personal work. I love this. There are several stanzas that are so strong with imagery. Good work.

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