Chastity: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

The Seven Virtues of Senryu:


 I am taking on the seven cardinal virtues in a senryu rumble. I couldn’t reach my blogging partner in  crime, so I’m going it alone. Wish me luck! Salvation, here I come! You better be ready to greet me at journey’s end.

If you missed the Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu, you can find all the senryu mayhem by clicking here.


Flow clear like water
Absorb knowledge, ride wisdom,
Honest with yourself

Burn pure like forest
Consumed by conflagration
Alight with right love

Fly attachment free
Earth’s desires putrefy
Like food left too long

Be firm as stone
Dirt, rain-pressed where roots nestle
Grow strong in knowledge

~ ~ ~

25 thoughts on “Chastity: Senryu’s Seven Virtues

  1. I read this 3-4 times just because i wanted to make sure I soak in the wisdom you try to impart. And I’m left inspired. Love all the 4 stanzas, but the second one hit me hard.
    1. Flow clear like water
    2. Burn pure like forest
    3. Fly attachment free
    4. Be firm as stone
    I’m going to make these my daily mantras. No kidding!

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    1. Hmm, maybe I need to ponder awhile longer. Or maybe it’s because much Christian education still makes sexual sin the Biggest one, so that some of us feel we’re branded.

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