Emotional ABCs: Anger

Emotional ABCs: Anger

Storm out of office
ready to throw down in bars
fist through the window

Gets the heart pumping
fists clenched, blood at the boil
life pisses me off

Belly up to the bar, order a drink.
Can’t wash anger down with whiskey or beer.
Sitting at the bar and having a think,
rolling the hard stuff round in herΒ glass, clear
it’s gon’Β be a long night with a short fuse.
Girl can only take so much filing, fool.
Her cheap boss won’t go for digital news
Each day she files hard copy like a tool.
Clad in pencil skirt, nice pressed shirt, war paint
on her eyes, mascara’d to hypnotize,
draw attention from flab hid by constraint.
Skinny-minis giggle and theorize
about her underwear size–those bitches…
Slams back shot, punch out those office witches…

Ain’t got no problem
Need no anger management
I like a good fight.

~ ~ ~

The “I” in this poem is not me.Β So worry not fair readers!

~ ~ ~

for the A-Z Blog Challenge, get schooled in emotions this month.

31 thoughts on “Emotional ABCs: Anger

  1. What an awesome start for “A”. So should I expect a roller-coaster ride throughout April? πŸ™‚
    p.s. Loving the clean new look of your site. I see you’ve chosen lists (as opposed to multiple columns) for now?

    Liked by 1 person

                1. oh I am making the site up as I go along too. Trying to see what works. I have to do some retagging. This theme lets you pick tags or categories for menu items. My last theme had no such option. And doing the featured image thing. my last theme looked weird with the featured image so I never used it. But I like it on here. And I want to make a logo. There’s a space for it.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I agree with the feature image thing. They look weird on Lovecraft. But I thought it allowed you to choose tags and categories as menu. But your current theme looks really great! You’ll tweak it some more so that it looks awesome, I’m sure.


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