Bad Girl

Bad Girl I’m just a bad girl glock cocked, finger on trigger a smoking pistol Cold barrel–my kiss Smoke wafts, spent shell cases roll Lipstick on my gun Chalk outlines my ex Bullet hole in his forehead Ruby beads I lick Heels click, fishnets rip Bustier strains to hold me My come hither stare Knife flicks, cuts him down Bite sized snack, then throw him back Nail file sharpens fangs My thousand yard stare Ignites all who stop and stare No money, no show To ashes you fall Make my war paint, I smear you ‘neath my smoke-filled eyes Leap … Continue reading Bad Girl

I’m a Writer and I have a Gun

  I’m a Writer and I have a Gun* *A collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote Thank you Annie for grabbing your gun and helping me combat copyright infringement and the anger associated with finding my words and the words I have crafted with other talented writers splashed on other websites without my consent. Thank you for co-writing a mirrored nonet to channel my anger.   I’m a Writer and I have a Gun I’ve got my evil eye on you, thief You can run, but you can not hide My words are in your pocket Tied up, … Continue reading I’m a Writer and I have a Gun


Come Come with your wax wings sun-melted, your flight cut short freedom’s moment lost Come broken and all from your fall off that high wall gather your pieces Come naked or clothed disguised or in your face bold no judgment behold Come with song and sing belt out that incantation strum your salvation Come with feet tapping dance with shadows, tango with your confidence Come with battered hearts let comfort’s arms enfold you shield you from life’s pains Come as you are now riddled with holes that won’t mend I’ve needles and thread Come trailing blood, crawl through barbed wire–take my hand let … Continue reading Come

Random Thoughts in 5-7-5

Random Thoughts Tell of the journey, one born of strife where life comes despite the long drought Speak of the cycle, lines in the sand where we stand we’ll go no further Listen to the stones learn the still source of all life mind clear as clean glass Warble ’bout atoms we’re made of stardust and light each of us precious Sing of surprises make objects of dreams, hold tight so they flower full. Present words that shine Hold the water that transforms splash yourself with hope Ease your arms open fly, aim for the stars that fell they created you Goad bottom feeders … Continue reading Random Thoughts in 5-7-5

Life is…

Life is… Life is blatherskite cheap talk, nonsense dealt as truth no substance, all lies. Life is ephemeral carelessly left by nostrum proscribed by a quack. Life is addictive struggle with rigor mortis drugs terminated. Life’s episodic notifications rule days tap minutes away. Life is decisions concave glass cracked, lipstick smudged camera snaps affair Life’s work ten hours broken boiler icy show’r empty apartment. Life is traffic stopped threat of job loss if you’re late white knuckle commute. Life is promotion dangled from puppeteer’s strings no raise just more stress. Life is broken dreams words carved on hearts–no one reads in quiet that bleeds. ~ ~ ~ for … Continue reading Life is…

Some Kind of Monster

We check for monsters. Under the bed, we saw eyes– our eyes reflected. Our monstrousness caught– visible in mirror shard– trapped under our skin. Hold your cross up dear, whisper prayers, “deliver us–” our evil’s within. Cross glows, burns our hands– drop it, spin as it falls down, lands on mirror shards. Seven years’ bad luck, blood drips down hands from the blow– shattered mirror mocks. Caught sanity’s flash, fired like gunshots in the dark but missed its target. Monster within laughs, extends its claws to snuff out– the good in us, gone. Luke Skywalker lied. Light saber cold in our hands We’re … Continue reading Some Kind of Monster