Dream Boat

Dream Boat

Dreams shelved like sail boats
miniaturized, full of dust
wait for retirement

Sail away in dreams
feet propped on desk, boats on sill
life’s out the window

Models made with care
by largeΒ hands that paint with love
child’s miniatures

Place boats by window
excite the child when she wakes
new toys to enjoy

~ ~ ~

forΒ TLT Week 10

Photo by Charlie Harutaka

26 thoughts on “Dream Boat

  1. As a lover of boats (paper and otherwise) and the sea, this one found me on the poop deck enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day. Thanks for that πŸ™‚

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    1. you’re welcome! Please do tell me what a poop deck is? I have ridden on cruise ships only and they aren’t a good nautical reference, not when you have a novel set on a boat. When your schedule frees up I may need to pick your brain if that’s okay. Google is not the best reference for this.

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