Leverage: Emotional ABCs

Leverage: Emotional ABCs

Briefcase crammed with docs
handcuffed to my wrist in case
leverage’s on my side

Spreadsheets that ooze greed
prove fraudulent bank practices
a C.P.A.’s proof

Pressed slacks, repressed smile, she crossed the foyer
pushed the glass doors out to dark parking lot.
Deep breath, palm her pepper spray, she wavers–
no choice but to bolt, hoof it to her spot.
Hold tight to briefcase, it has the proof she
needs to shut down the shell corporation.
Pools of streetlight present ponds of safety.
Good auditors will find tax evasion.
The best get in their cars and report it.
Her hand shakes but she inserts her key, turns
to check no shadows linger, climbs in, sits–
glint of handcuffs draws her gaze, her eyes burn.
She’ll lose her job maybe her licence too.
She grips her courage in both hands and drives through.

IRS office
Stand at tax evasion desk
unlock the handcuffs

Hands briefcase over
deep breaths as the files are scanned
Leaves with job offer.

Corporate ‘Merica’s
no place for an honest clerk
work for the tax man.

~ ~ ~

For my late sister who could not audit anyone without finding fraud and all the honest folks out there toiling away.

20 thoughts on “Leverage: Emotional ABCs

  1. Your love for your sister is so clear here!
    Sounds like a very honest person. I’m so sorry she died before she realized her full potential!
    (Somehow, I seem to have missed all of these! One of these just showed up in my reader, so I tracked it to your entire A2Z challenge!)

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  2. Your sister and I share the same vocational background and experience. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person, Melinda. Oh, and, definitely a SonRyu. πŸ™‚

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