This Is How We Cleave

This Is How We Cleave*

*a collaboration with Annie from What the Woman Wrote

stop by Annie’s blog to read grateful notes, poetic gems whose facets sparkle with truth and inspiring posts that will motivate you to chase your dreams.

Thank you Annie for both introducing the cleave poem form to me and co-authoring one with me based off one of our humorous chats 🙂

This Is How We Cleave

Girls’ night on the town, time for some fun
Thighs squeeze motorcycles  looking for sensation
Hands grip meat cleavers,  getting ready for fevers!
Just a girls’ night out  so you’d better watch out
Maybe a little mayhem  as we traipse ‘round town
Shake the good ‘ol boys  like the good ol’ girls would
Knock down their club’s door  bring down the dance floor
One hand’s in my pocket  as Alanis hollers
The other high fives  we’re gettin’ the jives
My gal pals that move  in sync with the groove
Head down room to room  like there’s no tomorrow
Seeking war’s spoils  we ain’t lookin’ for trouble
Just us girls cruisin’  as the night’s still young   
For a bit o’ cash   disappears in a flash
Fast as we take it   in a blink of an eye
Empowering sisters,  we’re in this together
Cause that’s how we roll  and this is girl power!

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