Magnificent: Emotional ABCs

Magnificent: Emotional ABCs

They rolled into town
that magnificent seven
their spurs and rings shone

Seven men with guns
one village they will defend
bandits be wary

In dusty Mexico our tale is set.
Agricultural village’s threatened–
Marauding bandits prowl and seven vets–
gunslingers with attitude–here to end
those bandit’s rein of fear have come to town.
They’re hired by the village to defend
But this ain’t gonna work solo, this town
needs a militia, so the seven train
the village men to defend themselves.
Those bandits come and the shooting begins
the marauders lose, they’re hungry themselves.
Turns out they attack seeking food not gin
even though the town has no food to spare.
Seven ride to bandit’s camp to see how things fare.

Bandits come to town
overtake it at gun point
Seven come to fight

With villagers’ help
drive bandits out but lives lost
seven down to three

Villagers have farms
remaining Seven have guns
no lives to resume

The villagers won
a simple life they cherish
family is all.

~ ~ ~

For my dad who watched the Magnificent Seven a lot when I was a kid.

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