Summer’s Kiss

Summer’s Kiss*

*A collaboration with Rosema from A Reading Writer

Rosema writes short fiction, inspiring poems and posts about the books she’s reading.
Hop on over to check out her site and pick up a recommendation or two for your next read.

Then let us greet summer with a kiss in a collaborative sonnet, of course.

Summer’s Kiss

Golden bright sun shows off its glorious crowns
Rays that slice clouds into ribbons of silk
Beams that kiss fully bloomed flowering grounds
Those sapphire skies that invite us to bilk
Warm breeze embraces once frozen twigs, trees
Begs us to ditch work and run in the fields
Cloudless sky releases our fun-soul free
Fingers comb through wildflowers that appealed
Come sink, swim, sing as summer’s zest remains
The bees’ drone keeps time as they kiss flowers
Soon shining sun will shy away again
Signal the season’s done in leaf showers
Earth tones will erase the colorful schemes
And pave the way for winter’s icy gleam.

~ ~ ~

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