Spring’s Harbinger

Spring’s Harbinger*

*A collaboration with Rosema from A Reading Writer

Rosema writes short fiction, inspiring poems and posts about the books she’s reading.
Hop on over to check out her site and pick up a recommendation or two for your next read.

Then let us herald spring’s coming  in a collaborative sonnet, of course. Rosema’s first 🙂

Spring’s Harbinger

Spring’s come with bird song, chirped all morning long
White, purple petals of harbinger blooms
Coaxes crocuses, daffodils to throng
Transforms frozen sheets with colorful fumes
Flee winter, take your snow and gray days, go
Melt your sparkling stalactites, stalagmites
Take your ice and go, let your waters flow
Bid goodbye as we welcome spring’s delights
Make way for spring, wake you buds to new life
Let our soul sing with the chirping bluebirds
Their song rings in meadows where beds wildlife
Crafts flower’d scene defying rule of thirds.
The sweeping vista invites me to rest.
Reminds my soul to rest, yes, I am blessed.

~ ~ ~

Image credit: Unsplash

31 thoughts on “Spring’s Harbinger

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  2. Take your ice and go, let your waters flow
    Bid goodbye as we welcome spring’s delights
    This was a seamless collab. So so beautifully done.

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  3. I SO love this! As I mentioned to Rosema, I especially was captured by “take your ice and go”, and the ending of rest and blessing. Mostly, I’m awed by those who write sonnets–and to collaborate on one, seems twice the difficulty…and awed response.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve written a number of sonnets, so I know I’m capable–but I do feel they require more concentrated effort and fine-tuning than some other forms. I should maybe find my older sonnets, post them…

        Liked by 1 person

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