Lonesome Traveler

Lonesome Traveler

My lips kiss the globe
I search its circumference
seek half a heart lost.

 Bench in London’s park
sun sets behind tower bridge
watched it for six months.

I studied abroad
never made a single friend
I walked on alone.

They ditched me in France
hightailed it out of the Louvre
left me to marvel.

Lost in foreign lands
stuffed my hands in my pockets
hitched my bag higher.

Thoughts circled to home
remembered cinnamon grams
tire swings and laughter.

Lacy things crocheted
made by great-grandma long dead
‘fore she came to States.

Met someone nice once
in Rome we shared gelato,
climbed the Spanish steps.

Threw coins in fountains
we talked about books and wishes
investigated graves.

It didn’t last long
it never does, all things fade
the ropes that bind fray.

Angry words shouted
in Geneva, my friend left
I walk night-lit shores.

Train to the chateau
my lens peered through slit windows
took postcard shots.

Photography prof
didn’t like the photographs
not artsy enough.

Butterflies frolicked
in convent garden for me
they danced with secrets.

I road a street car
can’t recall in which city
the houses filed past.

Dorm’s skeleton key
turned locks on Queen’s Gate Terrace
near Royal Al Hall.

Aida performed
for my twenty-first birthday
cheap seats in previews.

Sat between critics
alone in a well-dressed crowd
understood nothing.

Shakespeare’s plays acted
at the Barbican theater
got credit for class.

Circled part of globe
it spins under my pursed lips
still can’t find my heart.

I lost it somewhere
if I e’er had one to lose
I walk on alone.

~ ~ ~

This one’s somewhat autobiographical. I did study abroad in college, in London. It was the loneliest and longest five months of my life.  I still miss watching the sunset and thinking of home. I had a favorite spot with a perfect view and the sun always obliged me with a brilliant show.

~ ~ ~

Image and prompt courtesy of Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt 155 “Collage 21” 

16 thoughts on “Lonesome Traveler

  1. My lips kiss the globe
    I search its circumference
    seek half aย heart lost.

    Circled part of globe
    it spins under my pursed lips
    still canโ€™t find my heart.

    I lost it somewhere
    if I eโ€™er hadย one to lose
    I walk on alone.

    I love how you do this. Every single time. Start so beautifully, maintain the flow and bring to a close with your readers sighing!
    I loved it, it was an adventure you took us along, it was touching.

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  2. Wow. Thank you for taking us back with your journey. The longing and pain are tucked in between your beautiful haiku. hugs
    This reminds me of my fave artist Sara Bareilles. She also studied abroad, in Bologna, and that experience make her the awesome artist that she is now as she felt so alone thus she turned to music. โค
    Great post, dear!

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    1. Ah so that’s a common theme. I didn’t know that. Most of the students in my classes abroad were from the same university and they had plenty of friends. I studied at an international university, not a real British university. It was the only one I could study at and transfer the credits earned back to my university in the States. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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