Unity: Emotional ABCs

Unity: Emotional ABCs

Flags of all colors,
wave in solidarity–
united we stand.

One world, one people
all carbon-based and alive
same chemical base.

Borders can’t divide, heart to heart from the start
we’re brothers and sisters no matter what
a human family, until death parts
the living from the dead and then we’re but
ash in the wind, bodies decomposing.
The same worms that eat you nibbles on me.
Death’s blind to color, cares not for creed, sing
your praises, pretend we’re not one, I’ll see
you in death’s queue, there’s no escape fool.
Distinctions are lies society tells.
Lines we draw to separate but we’re tools
for the machine, ring the quitting time bell.
Wake up and see that we’re one family
stand tall and free with me in unity.

Let nothing divide
flag’s are stripes in world’s rainbow
we are all earthlings.

there’s no division ‘tween us
’cause we’re all the same.

~ ~ ~

18 thoughts on “Unity: Emotional ABCs

  1. This wise poem blurt out words humans are not able to acknowledge. If only more people think like this, I think humans will stop killing each other. 😦

    Great write, as always! And I love these lines: “Borders can’t divide, heart to heart from the start
    we’re brothers and sisters no matter what”

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  2. A very wise write, Mel. Every line speaks of truth. I love the line about the same worm that eats you nibbles on me too. And the line about borders unable to divide us.
    If only the power hungry would think like you do. Very inspirational!

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    1. I have been well. I hope the same for you. Haven’t been seeing you around much lately. And thank you for the follow on my new blog πŸ™‚

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