Vigilante: Emotional ABCs

Vigilante: Emotional ABCs

Violence calls her
sets her boots running to help
vigilante’s creed

Snaps out her pepper
sprays the attacker ’till blind
tears of sorrow fall

Violent Velvet is her name, her game?
Vigilantism in the suburbs.
Says her violet business card, which claims
her a master of proverbs in her blurb.
Testimonials from vagabonds call
her a vacuous dame, which she denies.
They’ve a vested interest in her fall.
Not that a vital vigilante/spy’s
vibrance would be impaired by such remarks.
Though her vexation by vellum offends
many unsavory marks, it’s not sparked
any retaliatory portends.
Psychics comb her future, ventriloquists
try to out quip her verve, but lose the gist.

Once again she wins
Violent Velvet, that dame
Woman of substance

Absolutist  type
Altruist, biblist who roams
Cyclist, concerned girl.

A public servant
protection  for citizens
never takes a dime.

22 thoughts on “Vigilante: Emotional ABCs

  1. The v factor you have executed so well.

    I love these lines by you:

    Psychics comb her future, ventriloquists
    try to out quip her verve, but lose the gist.

    This blew me away and had me smiling all the way. Your sci-fi poetry is remarkably visual and so much detail that I love a lot. πŸ™‚

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