YOU: An Emotional ABC’s Dedication


Emotional ABCs

Dedicates This One to YOU

~ ~ ~

Your words light my life
you leave comments in your wake
This poem is for you

gratitude fills me
overflows into thank yous
channeled in a poem

Not an award or a nomination
just an offer of friendship extended
from one Lonely Author to the nation
of bloggers, reading writers and splendid
folks divergent in their candour, behind
distant doors or in strange lands, through your hands
pass words you spin into gold for mankind.
(Women too one moonskittle on each strand
like pearls in the hand fetched from Poesia
by Perso’s Ax in a writer’s dream nine
times for Autumn’s Ambles–ambrosia’s
found on the land  where bells chime that all’s fine.
The Zero Poet with a cooking pot
and twisted tales wove forget-me-nots.

Days of stone hooked lines
to inkwells, unleashed Manan
what the woman wrote

Thank you for your eyes
this I dedicate to you
readers through and through.

~ ~ ~

I apologize if I missed someone. I wrote this late at night.



41 thoughts on “YOU: An Emotional ABC’s Dedication

  1. What a heartfelt and giving poem. Your beautiful soul shines here dear friend. Thank you for genuinely sharing your love with all of us!!
    May you have a beautiful weekend!! ❤️❤️

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  2. Spreading love is such a great feeling. This is my second mention in this extremely innovative kind of poem. Yay! Thank you Mel. And what I love the most was how and where you placed me 😉 You clever thoughtful friend. 🙂 So another thank you for that! All smiles here..


    1. A generous gesture on your part to take the time to do that. Expressing appreciation has intrinsic rewards but we don’t do it often enough. Thanks again Melinda … I certainly appreciate being able to witness your highly creative writing and your dropping by to witness my efforts.

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  3. Geeeeez! This is a tough poem to write but no wonder it worked so well because you wrote it my dear Mel!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Congratulations! And you deserve all the love you get my dear Mel! ❤

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